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The end


Yesterday was my last day of my internship at G-try! I spent 9 amazing weeks with these people! Everyday I woke up happy to go to the office, because I knew that no matter what, it was going to be a good day and continue to learn new things . I still remember the first day we met like it was yesterday. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to make it mainly because of language barrier. But  at the end it has been an incredibly rewarding experience more than I could have ever imagine.

I will always be grateful to G-Try to have open wide their doors and gave me  this opportunity to see the inside of a Japanese company. G-Try is definitely a one of a kind company, its uniqueness makes its strength. They all have done so much more than just welcoming me as a simple intern. From the start they made me feel like I was a part  of their team.

I have experienced the beauty of the Japanese hospitality, Omotenashi. <3

It’s now the end of a great experience, like it’s commonly said “every beautiful things have an end” but rather than that I would say that it’s the begining of a new start.


From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to G-TRY and to all of you who have been reading my posts.

Second life


In Japan, things that you have a special attachement to but which is not usable anymore can find a second life instead of just throwing it. I love this idea of recycling it in order to reuse it! This unusable  baseball glove  carried too much value and feelings for its owner, so instead of just throwing it away, it was cut in several pieces and made into a stylish pencil case! It’s awesome! It gives a great look and you can feel that there is a story behind it! Soo cool!!!

Makers’ Base





Today I went to a workshop in Meguro at a place called “Makers’ Base”. It was fun! It’s kind of a FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) where you have all kinds of machines at your disposal to make whatever you want. There are sewing machines,  Laser printers, even 3D printers!!! I learned a technique of printing on fabric, and also how to make the ink. I got to do my own bag and take it home. It was great! Thank you G-Try and Makers’ Base!





Today I tried for the first time Gyutan. Since I have arrived, everybody said to me that I have to try it because it’s so good. At firs,t the thought of it wasn’t really reassuring because I had the image of a beef tongue in my head, so I couldn’t imagine myself eating it. But then, if there are so many people liking it, that meant that I could really miss on something, so I thought that while I’m in Japan now, why not giving it a try! After the first bite,  it’s actually very similar to another food in Tahiti so it wasn’t bad at all! It was good, but I think that I ate more than I should have!


I learned how to make a box with origami sheets! This is awesome!! It really takes origami to the next level because then you could use it to put small present in it and offer to someone! It’s amazing! I have to practice a little more so that I don’t forget how to make it!




Afternoon in Yebisu Garden Place



Today during the afternoon, I spent a little of my time walking around Yebisu Garden Place. It was really nice, every sunday there is the ”Yebisu Marche”  where you can buy all kinds of things from small merchands, mostly fruits and vegetables. I like to go Ebisu because I used to spend a lot of time there during my childhood, it always brings  back some good memories. It’s a really nice place, and right now they are holding a “Beer Garden” which was full of people!

Fun in Ikebukuro



Today I spent the day with my japanese friends  that I met while studying in Hawaii. We eat lunch at Atari Cafe in the Parco department in Ikebukuro. I ate Loco moco,but it was very fancy, far from the loco moco that I used to see in Hawaii! It was good, and we had a fun time catching up!

Trend alert

This year summer trend is definitely embroidery bracelets! It’s so pretty and original!  They come in many colors and shapes, you can even wear them in layers. Not only women but also men wear them. This morning in the train I saw a men wearing a pink one at his ankle! It made me smile!  This one above has been made by G-try! Cute (^.^)



I am starting to see a lot of these right now. These are Tanabata Wish Tree, people would write their wish on a piece of paper and hang onto a bamboo tree. It’s one of the major summer festivals in Japan. I took this picture at the Osaki Station, the bamboo tree was full of people’s wish! It was so beautiful to look at it!

Beard papa!


Beard papa!!! I haven’t eaten their ”choux cream” for years! I remember when I came to Japan about 5 years ago, it’s was very popular! A lot of people were lining up to buy some and take it home! At that time, I even bought a box of it and took it back to Tahiti so that my family could taste it. They loved it!  Now it’s not as popular as it used to be, not anymore. But today I was happily surprised when I saw a small Beard papa shop in Shinbashi, I bought my favorite…the Paris Brest!