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Lycée Français de Tokyo

Went to my little sister’s school party today at the International French School of Tokyo. My first thought was: wow it’s big!!! It was a nice and sunny day! There were many booths of food and games.

There were so many french people that I really had the impression I wasn’t in Japan, but in France!!!


English conversation class

20140530_134004Every Friday we have an English conversation class with the staff.  Today’s topic was: which one do you prefer, dog or cat? Everyone had to give a reason that explained their choice. It was interesting to hear each answer, but more than that, their determination to improve their English skills.



Today, with Sato-san, Yoshida-san and Yonezu-san, we went at an exhibition in Koenji. While we were there we took advantage and walked around the streets. There were many small shops, actually this neighborhood is well known to have a lot of shops dedicated to second hand articles.

We made a quick  stop at a doughnuts shop “Floresta”, and…it was soooo goooood!!!! Best doughnuts I ever ate!!




Today at G-try we watched all together a movie about the importance of hospitality, customer service, as well as creating a good working environment for the employees.

To illustrate this concept, it gave the example of a hair salon in Tokyo, where all the customers are treated as someone special. They would serve them tea, bring them magazines… but also surprise them when they least expect it. For example, wishing them happy birthday with a piece of cake, congratulating a  young customer who just graduated, even thanking the water delivery guy with a thank you note card on which every single employees wrote on it. It was so incredible to see this…it was truly admirable.

Omotenashi is all about anticipating the needs of a customer in advance in order to offer him/her a pleasant service that he/she doesn’t expect. It is the heart of Japanese hospitality, and a great lesson of life.


Only in Japan


I’ve seen a lot of posters featuring these new Haagen-Dazs flavors right now. They are one of a kind! I like that in Japan there are many things that you will never find anywhere else.
I was curious to find out how they taste, so I tried out the tomato and cherry ice cream. Well, the taste is very special, but I prefer by far the white peach and raspberry!  (^.^)


20140526_163256I learned that Yakatabune are privately owned japanese boats, on which you can have dinner, party, and the guests lounge on tatami mats. Apparently they exist since the Edo Period (1603-1868). In this picture that I took, I like the way the traditional and modern world collide.




I find awesome that in Japan there are stores dedicated entirely to snacks!!! So many to choose from! I sure can’t get out of it without buying a little something! It’s a paradise not only for kids, but also for adults!  (^.^)
This one is in Kagurazaka.



On the way to Kyu-Furukawa Gardens, we stopped at this little shop and tasted several wagashi. Their daifuku was so good that on the way back home we stopped again to buy some more.  (^.^)

 Mame daifuku, Kashiwa mochi, Mitarashi

Rose Festival

Rose flavor gelato with Sato-san and Kita-san

instaImage_9 instaImage_10


Visited a rose garden at the Kyu-Furukawa Gardens in Kita-Tokyo. It was so beautiful I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were so many different colors, sizes and species!
Even tasted a rose petal ice-cream flavor! It tasted good! In addition to the rose garden, the park features an old western-style building and a japanese-style garden. 


instaImage_7 instaImage_8


Went to Lalaport Toyosu today, my favorite corner is ”ILIO” boutique where they sell all kinds of products for dogs. Going from toys, clothes, food, strollers, grooming….! There are many shops dedicated to them in Tokyo!  Japan is truly a paradise for pets!!! I Love it!

But one thing that surprises me every time is the price of dogs! I am shocked to see how expensive it is! It costs almost as much as a roundtrip ticket for Tahiti!!!