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Momiji manju



Today I tasted for the first time a snack (Okashi) called Momiji manju, which is a specialty of Hiroshima. It was soooo delicious! What makes it so delicious is its soft cake in the outside and the red bean paste (anko) in inside. I loved it! Before, I wasn’t a big fan of anything with anko, but it’s starting to change.  Little by little I am beginning to enjoy tasting traditional japanese snacks.



Junk shop


Everyday when I go to the office, I walk by this store called N°CONCEPT. I would always try to peak by the outside and see what they are selling. It was intriguing, and today I finally had the occasion to make a quick stop and see for myself. It’s actually a junk store selling all kinds of old stuff, antique and vintage. What most amazed me was  that they sell the first kind of photo camera!! They have many models and brands! Of course they don’t work anymore, but that would sure make collectors very happy. It’s so rare! I wouldn’t have imagine that this store holds so many treasures!

The making of a new sample


Last week I helped Yonezu-san creating a new sample for G-try. I really enjoy participating in this process. I had to place the pearls one by one on a special sticky paper put on top of the printed motifs. Then Yonezu-san used a special press heat machine to transfer it onto the fabric! I love the result!

Visitors @G-try

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Today in the afternoon, 8 students from the Jissen Women’s University came to visit G-try. They are all, I believe studying in the field of fashion, therefore it was an opportunity for them to see  the inside of an embroidery company. It was also the perfect time to ask questions in order to understand better how it works and give them ideas about their future orientations. It was a great moment of exchange! In addition to that, their professor who was also there has lived in France for 3 years, so we could also exchange a little bit! I was so surprised and happy!

Jaw’s harp

Today @G-try, the president made me try an instrument called “Jaw’s harp” or “Mouth harp”. The sound is quite unique but very hard to produce!!! You know you got it right when all your face vibrates from the inside! Such as weird feeling! Apparently this instrument is popular in Asian countries. Anyway, it was a great trying it out! Thank you president!

Goooo Japan!!!


I woke up early this morning because I was eager to watch Japan’s first match of the Fifa World Cup!!  When Japan scored the first goal I was soo happy!!! It was an awesome shot from Honda!!

Unfortunately they didn’t win this time but I still believe in them! Gambare Nippon!!!!!!

Shinjuku bound

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I went to Shinjuku today. I like to go there because there are so many shops and things to see, one day is not enough to see it all!  I also like the atmosphere and ambiance! It’s definitely a must go place when people come to Japan! ^.^